“Investigation is a process, an art, and a science to reveal the hidden and concealed facts and to clarify the suspicions being raised.”

    About us

    NNB Investigation/ Detective is a premier investigation/ detective company. Its investigators have acquired talent and ability that is the hallmark of top investigators. The company discovers the truth as best as it can and it is the truth it discloses and upon which our clients can depend. Today NNB is synonymous with quality work.

    We are into all segments of Investigation and providing services to all segments of society. With a reach experience of more than 15 years, and wide network of investigators across globe, we achieved many mile stones in this industry.

     NNB have its Head office in Delhi.. It has 6 branches in India and abroad. And also a good network associates across the globe.

    Company has an Advisory Board consisting of eminent and experienced people from various fields and walks of life who bring the rich experience of their vocations.We are well trained with latest technology and equipment.

    We have a countrywide network of experienced and erudite personnel drawn from various fields. We do analysis and comprehensive data and we collect through the use of effective and modern investigative techniques. This is done with lots of effort and thought, in-sight reinforced experience. We do not provide security services. We only provide detective services with best quality.


    Awards & Accomplishments