Debtor Tracing Services

“A debtor is described as a person who owes a creditor or someone, who has the obligation of paying a debt.”

Quick and efficient debtor tracing is conducive to a productive debt collection strategy; the quicker your debtor tracing team locate absconders, the quicker you can collect debts.

A pivotal element in any debtor tracing exercise is the tools and methods employed to trace people. Many times debtors will change all forms of contact details as were recorded by the creditor.

Debtors can refuse to pay, hide assets, or disappear. This they do in order to dodge any means the creditor might try to collect the money or simply contacting them.

Our service is to track them down and update all their details for the benefit of our clients. Since our clients don’t have time to run after absconded debtors, it safes their time and money to outsource this kind of business to us.

We find those gone away debtors for you…….and you collect your money