NNB Investigation is an complete solution to corporate and legal sectors for having right information for taking right decision. As a right information helps to take right decision in every segment of life and situation. NNB investigation is an integral part of the NNB Group

We do not do investigation of personal matters. We do not take any assignment which is illegal in nature or against the Privacy law. As a responsible company and entity , we always do the job in ethical way. Our service aim is to bring right information’s in front of the person or management. We have a good experience people in service. All people for this job are well trained and experienced. Without exposing the identity we collect information. We never took Law in our hand. We work within the legal frame work of the Indian Law.

Our team included Retd. Police officers, Advocates and qualified young peoples. With a more than 20+ years industry experience, we achieved many milestones. Many of our clients benefited by ourselves. With wide range of services, we covers almost all the points which required for corporates or Legal professionals. We do provide services to many advocates to find out information’s which helps them to get the justice for their clients. We do not work for clients. We work with them as their partner, to whom they can trust blindly. We have our own networks all over India and other parts of the world . With our Local & Global reach we serves our Clients better.

Industries We Serve

Agriculture Companies
Aircraft Manufacturers
Airlines Industires
Automotive Companies
BPO Companies
Cement Companies
Chemical Companies
Clothing Companies
Defence Companies
Electronics Companies
Energy Companies
Entertainment Companies
Film Production Companies
Financial Services Companies

Food Companies
FMCG Compnaies
Healthcare Companies
Hospitality Companies
Indian Biotechnology Companies
Information Technology Companies
Law Firms
Manufacturing Companies
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
Media Companies
Mining Companies
Networking Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Pulp & Paper Companies
Real Estate Companies

Retail Companies
Shipping Companies
Steel Companies
Telecommunications Companies
Textile Companies
Tobacco Companies
Wineries Companies
International Companies
Multi-National Companies
International Investigations Agencies
International Risk Control Companies
International Process Servering Companies
Risk Consultancy Companies
Insurance Companies
Civil Engineering Companies