Corporate Investigation

Business houses always depend on few major important facts for their survival and success are Employees, Competitors and investments etc… NNB Investigation helps to the corporate sector include getting a complete check on various companies, before making an investment decision. We help in providing complete fact and internal information of the company and their actual financial details . Corporate Investigations include a gamut of services related to both Employees and Competitors and have become intrinsic for all business, be it big or small and local or global. NNB conducts investigations for corporates who suspect employee embezzlement, internal theft or who are victims of Business fraud. We also conduct background and due diligence search on corporate officers, executives and employees to ensure their integrity.















our commitment

NNB INVESTIGATION is always available to serve whenever you feel your reputation, property, and organizational integrity is under threat

NNB INVESTIGATION is an all-inclusive corporate investigation service provider to strategically identify fraudulent and threats associated with      your company.

NNB investigation provide services to corporates and big business houses . We considered as one of the trusted partner in their corporate Investigations. As you know in big corporates the financial transaction and involvement of a large number of individuals work. So Corporate fraud is a common factor now days. looking into that , we provide the a unique solution to the client , with our corporate fraud investigation plan. Now days many financial institutes invest a good amount of the money in various start ups and companies. but to make secure the investment, we do a complete Company Background Investigation service and provide all undisclosed findings to the investor. And if any company become defaulter or did fraud, we do the assets search and investigation services in the process of recovery of funds.

What makes Corporate Investigation significant?

Relevance of Corporate Investigation can be thoroughly realized upon consulting with experts at NNB INVESTIGATION. It has turned out to be an integral aspect of keeping up well with the workflow and maintaining profitability. Corporate Investigation has become even more crucial in an era of technologies. This is essential for maintaining qualitative aspects of the work in terms of maintaining data integrity, and above all, ensuring a safe working environment within the company.

 Various threats those might occur upon not doing corporate Investigation

It is important to understand that reputation threat always remains there for a company, irrespective of its size. As mentioned above, these threats are more in an era of technology. To be specific, cybercrime threats, data breaching, counterfeits, fraudulent, dispute issues, discrepancies with contracts, bullying, violence, white-collar crimes, and corporate investigation can be effective for all purposes. And NNB INVESTIGATION can be the one-stop destination for all these aspects, assuring utmost accomplishment for the clients.

  NNB INVESTIGATION’s resources for Corporate Investigation service

NNB INVESTIGATION has been distinguishing powered by a massive team of in-house experts. Moreover, we have a distinct in-house team for forensic aspects, inspection specialists, and surveillance pros. All they are well versed with high-end technicalities of their concerned domain. Above all, they possess massive experience working with corporate groups about a whole range of corporate issues. Be it about data loss, breaching of security aspects, secrecy, to harassment; we have been all-encompassing.

Different dimensions of our service

  Psychological and harassment, violence

No corporate company is immune to these issues. Make no delay in connecting with us immediately when any of these occur. We assure you about finding out the actual culprit in quickest possible fashion, ensuring normalizing things in quickest time.

 Employee background check

Stay assured about employee background upon hiring us for a thorough employee background check. We are enriched with both technological and physical resources to provide the best possible outcome.


To ensure that your productivity doesn’t get affected through abuses or a negative environment, hire us to pick those odd men in quickest possible fashion.

 Financial fraudulent issues

Wait no more upon suspecting any kind of issues associated with fraudulent, money laundering, or even theft.

 Technical Forensic inquiry

No cybercrime issue is too tough for our in house team of forensic experts, who possess significant experience in such investigations. All in all, upon being hired, we can assure you about zero threats to your company’s reputation in any way.

Why us?

We at NNB INVESTIGATION are enriched with a highly experienced team of corporate investigation professionals to ensure results in quickest possible time. Most importantly, we do immense experience working with companies of all levels, ranging from small scale companies to large corporate. Starting from finance companies, banking to technology, we hold working with all levels of companies.