Trademark infringement & IPR Investigation

NNB INVESTIGATION is an expert’s house in the domain of Trademark infringement and IPR Investigation Services. We can assure clients about offering the crucial details of spotting those doing counterfeits. Moreover, here we have already helped many of our clients get over the counterfeiters' conspiracies.

Most advanced investigation process

Distinguishing aspect about us at NNB INVESTIGATION has been our ability to technologically investigate, along with a traditional field-based approach. This enables us in terms of conducting and delivering an investigation report confidentially. Most importantly, the process is accomplished using meticulously collected data. Though Trademark Investigation is a complete field investigation and then look into the product details , and then start IPR investigation.

Team of experts

NNB INVESTIGATION has an in-house team of highly experienced professionals with a proven track record in this domain. Be it about trademarks, patents, or copyrights, they understand each aspect's norms and constraints, thus providing best services in this regard in India. We are equally aware of the local laws as well stipulated in this regard. No surprise thus that most of our clients highly recommend us.

Conducting undercover surveillances

Specialty about NNB INVESTIGATION has been our ability to operate undercover surveillances in the nation. Our approach has been quite strategic about bringing clarity for the client on how their brand authenticity is being compromised. In concurrence, we conduct civil seizures as well when needed, and in this context, we do follow local laws. Having an experienced team, we can execute the process in coordination with the government departments when needed.

Our approach: Strategic and meticulous

One of the prime reasons behind NNB INVESTIGATION being so much reputed is our characteristic of not disturbing the local agencies for legal affairs unless something concrete proof comes into our hand. We do all possible tasks for Counterfeiting investigation services, So that can catch the fish. Well, we don’t just investigate and catch the counterfeiters; we also ensure that thorough safety precautions are recommended for them.

We understand the laws well

The laws of trademark infringement and IPR investigation are quite intricate. However, NNB INVESTIGATION being a massively experienced house, understands it well on figuring out the illicit usage of intellectual property. We employ a systematic approach where acknowledged sources and research directories are taken into account. However, we have been explicit in terms of having access to various exclusive web databases. Fundamentally we feel it our responsibility as well to ensure that the brand owner feels least threats of infringements after taking up our services,
To ensure utmost accomplishment of the client, we do follow exact purchasing procedure for testing purposes. Post finding out the illicit usage of intellectual property rights, we also provide needful help for associated litigation affairs. Every minute aspect, including the purpose of using specific symbols, is taken into account, ensuring that the client doesn’t get into any kind of further trouble. There is no need to look for any extra service provider; we can conduct counterfeit seizures.

Utmost transparency about pricing

NNB INVESTIGATION is a highly reputed house in its concerned domain of Trademark infringement & IPR Investigation services. Hence we maintain utmost transparency about the pricing aspects involving zero hidden charges of any kind. All in all, complete satisfaction of the client is our priority.

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The primary aim of protection of intellectual properties against the unlawful transportation, trading, Gray/Black market is superiorly accomplished with the effective processes and analysis skills of NNB Investigation. We are prompt to react to query and offer consultation on the related issues. For any kind of assistance, kindly contact us